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Oats contain beta glucans, a soluble fiber that has been shown to lower cholesterol. Walnuts contain linolenic acid which lowers cholesterol and prevents blood clots. Olive oil contains 77% of monounsaturated fat and has powerful antioxidants, which lowers LDL cholesterol without affecting HDL levels. Mehta This article has been written by . Visit the web site Lower Cholesterol page for more information on how to lower cholesterol naturally. Please note that this article is not a subsitute for medical advise. Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/ OTHER INTERESTING POSTS To MLM or Not to MLM Late Mortgage Payments Sabotage PMI Cancellation Confidence Building For Junior Golfers Top Ten Getting Started Tips to Market Your Book and Business How to Choose a Web Hosting Company FDA Nears Completion of Review of Vagus Nerve Stimulation For Chronic Depression Breathe Your Way Towards Healthier Life 5 Simple Steps of Tai Chi Breathing Publicity Services : Print Release The Printable Press Release Restaurant Menu Software : Restaurant Templates And Forms Server Virus Protection : NTC Hosting Search Engine Optimization Australia : Link Equalizer Golf Tournament Ideas : Golf Tournament Planning Complete In the 1950's and 1960's Polaroid's instant cameras were all the rage. You could shoot a picture and have the finished print in a minute or so. The quality wasn't that great, but hey, you had your pictures now!Checking photo printer reviews happily discloses that even an inexpensive photo printer produces true photo quality prints. The main difference in printer prices has to do with features for printing digital pictures.

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How does it work?Just talk!Talk about what you've learned. Talk about the information you need to remember. Sit down with your Mom, Dad, brother, sister or friend and tell them what you've learned. Struggling to memorize the Kreb Cycle for your upcoming AP Biology test?Then sit down with someone and describe in detail how the Kreb Cycle works. Want to learn history?Then discuss, debate and argue history with someone else. Want to improve your Spanish?Then talk Spanish with someone who will listenor find a fluent Spanish speaker who will listen to you. Many people use mnemonic devices to remember specific details from lectures and reading. Mnemonic devices work by relating facts with short phrases, words that rhyme, or anything else an individual is familiar with. For example, if an important definition that will appear on a test rhymed with the last name of your favorite movie star, you could use this mnemonic device to remember the word. Another powerful mnemonic device for improving ability to remember important information and details is the use of acronyms. An acronym is a word composed of the first letters of a list of words.

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Use old clothes or something to cover you while you work. Battery acid will eat a hole in your clothes very rapidly. One drop will guaranty a hole in your clothes. That is all it takes. Use protective eye wear and rubber gloves. Protect your work surface from acid spills as well. Battery acid will eat most materials with time. Get some distilled water to refill your batteries. Use ONLY distilled water. Never put tap water, rain water or anything else into lead acid batteries. I use a sharp screw or other pointed object to get under the lid and start prying it off.

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For the same reason I prefer interviews where I can respond in print, because then I can really give considered answers and actually express things that reflect my years of thinking about writing and how it works and that I do think its important to talk about. Sometimes panels are great, too, if youre with the right people you can really riff and play off one another. Other times they make you want to die. They worst author event was a live online interview about my book in which I feel like I really let the people down. I just wasnt prepared for the skill required to field so many questions coming in, serious ones that required lengthy typing if answered correctly, as well as banter to engage in, plus I was thrown off by the shock of interacting with people who were moved somehow by my book and my fear of not being able to live up to their expectations. I wanted to be helpful but it was kind of overwhelming. One needs a lot of practice, I guess, to get good at that kind of thing. It interests me, though, because its such a challenge. A contributing screenwriter on the film Boys Dont Cry, Laurie Weeks is a writer, artist and performer in NYC. Published in October 2011, her first novel, Zipper Mouth was chosen for several 10 Best Novels of 2011 lists and is a finalist for both the Triangle Publishing Edmund White Award for Best Debut Novel and the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Debut Novel. A German edition is forthcoming, and a portion of Zipper Mouth appeared in The Best American Nonrequired Reading.

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