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If you are intaking 450 calories a day you will reach a point, and it will come well before you hit your ideal weight, where you begin to have sever metobolic issues. Most people need around 1400 calories a day to function properly and this is a minimum amount. Larger people or people with a high lean muscle mass even if they are excessively overweight need more. you need to know your lean muscle mass before going on a calorie resrictive diet. There are roughly 3500 kcal in a pound of fat, so a 500 cal deficit will result in a loss of about a pound a week. This is an ideal situation. People who are severly overweight can drop extreme amounts of weight much quicker because even though fat is not usful tissue other than storage of energy the lean body mass a excessively overweight person has will have to work harder to supply blood, heat, nutrients to the extra tissue. Counting calories is probably not the best way to lose weight for the severally overweight. Understanding portion size and limiting the number of portions is a much better tactic and I believe shows better results. If a person understands what a serving of potato chips looks like about 12 chips its more effective than saying, "Im only going to eat 160 calories in potato chips". Most people think a serving of potato chips is half the bag.

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As explained in the article, sometimes it is better to offer a free prototype of a product so that you can better understand the needs of your customers. Ikea. com n. d. Retrieved from: Terwiesch, C.

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The Sterling Silver 1. 50 Carat Green and White Diamond Leaf Ring is an excellent choice for this type of affair. Polished sterling silver in a double leaf design is a classic look. Outlined with round cut heat treated green diamonds, the leaves are filled with white diamonds. The way this ring is designed, it will give off sparks that can be seen, no matter where your dinner companions are sitting. A formal dance is also a wonderful occasion to show off a spectacular ring. The 14 Karat Gold 1. 00 Carat Green and Blue Diamond Three Stone Look Ring is a ring that will complement a colorful gown or one in basic black. Three circles form the design of this beautiful ring. Round cut irradiated blue diamonds form the center of each circle, and are surrounded by elegant green diamonds. The settings are plated in black rhodium to give them depth, while the yellow gold shines with subtle elegance.

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In its widest sense, it includes a great range of material that man wears or applies to the body. Clothing includes dresses, shoes, jewelry, hairdo and make up. Clothing is also used to show peoples status and the roles they play in society Obeta and Uwah, 2015. They further explained that the clothe someone decides to wear influences the impression people have about such an individual. It also tells about the family such a person comes from. It can also affect the persons comfort and self confidence. The dressing pattern of an individual is a kind of sign language that communicates a complete set of information and is usually the basis on which immediate impressions are formed Omede, 2011. A dress is therefore said to be indecent when it has provocative or stimulating influence on almost all those that happen to view it on the user Egwim 2010. Although, there are no universally acceptable ways of dressing, dresses are meant to serve some definable purposes, notwithstanding ones country or region. They are part of peoples culture and they define their tribal or ethnic identity. Apart from dresses being a means for cultural identity, they are for ornamental or aesthetic purposes, for protection of the body against harsh weather conditions as well as for covering the intimate part of the body Omede, 2011.

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With the hybrid model, Deltenre and McCoy go from class to class to work with the students who are in person on any given day. They also spend time working online with the students learning from home. Deltenre said that some of her students have difficulty following lessons and keeping focused on the Zoom platform. Part of the problem is that the lesson is completely oral; where the teacher would normally write on the blackboard while speaking, the Zoom places the blackboard very far away from the students vision. Yet technology, for all its difficulties, has also presented opportunities, in the form of computer based on demand translation. Oliviero said that New London uses CSOFT, a multilingual translation software, as well as the features on Microsoft Teams.

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