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The General AssemblyDelegates Assembly discusses and decides on the following matters:1 Amendments or changes to the Constitution and Bylaws 2 Elections of officers and vote of no confidence 3 Collective agreements and supplementary agreements 4 Budget and final accounts 5 Establishment, management or disposal of foundations 6 Establishment, joining of or withdrawal from federations 7 Merger, division or dissolution8 Change in the structure of the organization9 Consultation on collective bargaining and other important mattersSection 1. The Delegates Assembly, which may substitute for a General Assembly, shall function as the ultimate decision making body and consist of delegates elected by a direct, secret, and anonymous vote under the provision of Article 14. The President of the union shall be the chairman of the Delegates Assembly. Section 2. A regular Delegates Assembly shall be held every March. However, under unavoidable circumstances, the date of the Delegates Assembly may be adjusted within a time period of a month, after being approved by the Executive Committee.

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m. , on a bearing 10 degrees north of west. At twelve miles crossed the open plains, and entered a thick forest of gums and other trees and shrubs. Seeing that there is no chance of finding water to day, returned to the ponds. The open plains seem to tend more to the north west; I shall examine them when I bring the party up to the ponds. Distance, fifteen miles. Wind, south east. Friday, 18th April, Howell Ponds. Started for the camp on the Newcastle Water. On my arrival, I found the party all right, but very anxious about me, as I had been absent longer than I intended. No natives had been near them during my absence at this time; smoke was seen all around.

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The fila is used by the Dirashe people and has some similarities to the malakat in that they are played in a hocketing technique. The masinqo is a well known instrument throughout central and northern Ethiopia, and you hear it frequently in Amhara and Oromo music. It is a one stringed fiddle and is the instrument of choice for the azmari, solo singers who often work in bars and are exceptionally talented at improvising lyrics and melody on the spot. It is also a core instrument of cultural bands that work in government theatre houses and cultural restaurants. This video of Alemayehu Fanta playing gives you a good idea of the sound and playing technique and demonstrates the different kignit, as well:Things to note in the recording: extensive use of ornamentation, the masinqo doubling the vocal melody when he sings, lack of equal tempered tuning, and use of harmonics. These aesthetics are quite typical of music in these regions. The krar, a bowl lyre with 5 6 strings, is another well known instrument in both Ethiopia and neighboring Eritrea. The krar is also a core member of the cultural band and is an instrument of many variations. The electric krar is now standard fare in many urban settings, as well as the bass krar which sounds much like an electric bass. Playing technique also varies. Alemayehu Fanta featured above emphasizes a plucked playing technique, and this is also the technique discussed by Ethiopian ethnomusicologist Ashenafi Kebede.

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