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Here, both the student and proctor can draw "stick" diagrams which are commonplace means of expressing reactions in Organic Chemistry and interact in real time just like a sighted student with an ink pen. A final approach was the creation of software, still in development, that will take Braille typed on carbonless copy paper which makes an ink image of the Braille dots, scan this Braille into electronic format with a scanner, and re convert this scanned Braille into text. This would allow blind students to hand in assignments in Braille for the professor who knows nothing about Braille to later grade and return. The eventual goal for this would be to have a computer act as the intermediate between professor and student; that is, the computer would translate from print to Braille or vice versa and serve as the interpreter for the blind student and the professor. The Chemistry laboratory also presented several formidable challenges. The first concern of many members of the Chemistry faculty was the safety of blind students and their assistants in the laboratory. Thus, any adaptations made must account for safety and proactively prevent any possible dangerous situations from arising. To this end, it was decided that a sighted laboratory assistant, together with the technological adaptations, would be best for all involved. This situation has been proven beneficial for the blind student as well as the other students and teachers, because the blind student has the opportunity to fully explore the laboratory environment with immediate feedback from the assistant, and can learn interactively along with the other students. As far as the technological aspects of the laboratory equipment, some modifications were made to the actual equipment, allowing for knobs and buttons to be Brailled and so forth, and all of the laboratory materials were made available in Braille. Most of the readings and measurements were taken with the use of the lab assistant, who acted as the blind students "eyes" and "arms" for some of the work such as taking a reading from a dial, mixing chemicals, heating solutions, etc.

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It might be a good idea to develop a method to work on the assessments and to plan your next goal in the classroom accordingly. Adaptive e learning is a rising trend in the virtual classroom. It gives the students the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Through the use of adaptive assessments, students are not tied to a structured plan, nor do they have to follow what the rest of the online group is doing. Usually, there is a set of questions that a student needs to answer after watching a video or reading some type of material. There is no fixed tempo. Furthermore, the knowledge taught and the approach used are totally customized. When choosing which assessments to use for your online course, make sure that they are connected to the subject you are teaching. For example, find activities that are specially developed for math, science, or biology. The assessments below are suitable for a philosophy course. However, they can still be adapted to meet the form or content of other subjects.

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Dept. of Education is already putting requirements on the state of Utah associated with the Common Core standards. 17. The Common Core Initiative, far from being state designed, is the product of the U. S. Department of Education funding and directing special interest groups NGA, CCSSO, NCEE, Achieve, Inc. , WestEd, and others via federal grants. 18. The Common Core Initiative violates fundamental laws that protect states independence. The Federal Governments creation of national curricular materials, through contractors, and its control and oversight of testing and data collection, and its tests written to federal, nationalized standards, are in violation of three existing laws: NCLB, the Department of Education Organization Act, and the General Education Provisions Act; States have a responsibility to protect the balance of powers granted in the Constitution. 19.

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