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Our PledgeNational Hispanic Heritage Month officially lasts for 31 days, but that doesnt mean we cant celebrate Latinx heritage year round. This list of teaching resources is a starting point to help students explore the diversity within the Latinx community. Diana Serrano knows that education can be a powerful tool to support communities. As a child, Diana immigrated to the U. S. from Mexico and met a network of caring teachers.

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Write on one side and I will write comments on the other. You may handwrite your journals or type them. It is really up to you. When do you collect the journals?I will collect the journals after every 5th of 6th entry. I want to help you become better writers and more philosophical, so I want to give you some feedback every few weeks. I will grade them and return them to you in a few days after you get them.

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It was spring her most favorite time of year and the big backyard was alive with blooming flowers, buzzing bees, and orange and black butterflies playing among the wild dandelions growing in the grass. As she peered deeper into the bush, Amy spied a small green object hanging from a slender brown twig. She reached into the bush and broke off the little twig. She held the object gently in her hand, admiring the delicate green color. Near the top was a hard ridge tinted with yellow that seemed to sparkle like gold in the warm spring sunlight. Amy had learned a lot about butterflies from her teacher at school. She knew that female butterflies lay their eggs on the underside of plant leaves. After a few days small caterpillars, called larvae, eat their way out of the eggs. They finish eating the eggshells their very first meal!After that, they attach themselves to a leaf and eat and eat and eat until they become too big for their skin. They shed their old skin, a process called molting, and then gobble it up to get important nutrients. Mmm delicious!Caterpillars continue to eat and grow and shed their skin until they have done this four times.

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The election by the Faculty Council shall be decided by a majority of the members present at the Delegates Assembly. Section 5. The term of office for a delegate shall be two years, but delegates may be appointed for consecutive terms. A successor to a delegate shall be elected two months before the end of his or her predecessors' term of office. Section 6. A supplementary member elected to fill the vacancy for a delegate shall serve for the remainder of the predecessor's term of office. Section 1. The Executive Committee is composed of a President, a Vice President, a Director of Secretariat, and up to 5 officers designated by the President. Section 2. A meeting of the Executive Committee shall be convened when requested by the President or by more than one third of the officers. Section 1.

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Emanuela Marinelli Paolicchi is the second new paper added to this page. It establishes the validity of and suggests a protocol for further research into the chemical and optical properties of cellulose, the fundamental ingredient of linen. Both papers can also be accessed from the "Scientific Papers and Articles" page. The Data and the Date by Emanuela Marinelli has been added to the "Collegamento pro Sindone" page of the website. Reprinted from the October/November 1988 Issue, it presents this noted Shroud researcher's 1988 point of view on the carbon dating and results. Nineteen new titles have been added to the "Shroud Booklist" page of the site. Once again, I wish to extend my thanks to Emanuela and Maurizio Marinelli of the Collegamento pro Sindone for voluntarily taking on the responsibility of keeping the Booklist up to date. Their participation is invaluable to this website and is deeply appreciated. A Doctor at Calvary by Dr. Pierre Barbet, a classic in Shroud Literature, is back in print after 40 years and available again in a hardcover edition until November 30, 1997. "Dr.

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