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8. Here's how Craig Stoss, Technical Support Manager at Vidyard, explains the benefits of using video content in your knowledge base:"A video enabled knowledge base allows you to reach a wider audience while reducing confusion of complex steps. Video allows you to bridge language barriers, knowledge/skill level barriers, as well as some accessibility barriers. By describing visually, and verbally the actions you wish your users to take, you enable a wider set of your users to be successful. Difficult steps can be shown in place of complicated diagrams, or large lists of written steps. Text translations can be expensive, and can lose specific meaning in translation especially with proprietary terms or deeply technical or industry specific terms.

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The file, as a physical aggregation, replaced the registration system of individual documents virtually placed together through the registers. The file then was registered; it contained the physical information detailing the movement of the action around the organization and through continued annotation of the next action officer noted on the file cover and on file movement cards maintained centrally, the work was tracked and the location of the file at any one time was able to be traced. Outlook clients store many user settings in MAPI profiles in the system registry. This option is not open to Outlook Web Access because the whole idea is that users can move from PC to PC and use a web browser to access their mailbox. The solution is to hold user properties and settings for Outlook Web Access in an XML formatted hidden item in the root of the user mailbox. Previous versions of Outlook Web Access used individual properties that were set on the mailbox itself and administrators could configure and manage these properties with interfaces such as CDO or WebDAV. Some settings remain properties of the mailbox because they are shared with other clients. For example, Outlook and Outlook Web Access share the junk mail filter settings and these have to be available no matter what client you want to use. A tool such as Outlook Spy see page 961 allows you to view the contents of the XML item called OWA. UserOptions. Outlook Web Access stores a number of other hidden XML items to hold data in user mailboxes such as the list of previously used addresses OWA.

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Black cars, by their very nature, are even more vulnerable to competition from Uber, which offers customers less hassle and a lower price for a similar service. In 2015, Schifter spent an entire Wednesday evening on call, and for the first time in his four decades of driving, not a single job came through. There were times when he averaged less than $4 an hour and that was before expenses. In April 2017, on the third anniversary of his column, Schifter told readers that he had been spending up to 120 hours each week on call in the city. But despite working every single day, for more than 17 hours a day, he got only 20 jobs. My income is down 50 percent in the past two years! he lamented.

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The result is that Leica and Topcon both will start offering high precision L band GNSS correction services with their receivers. If youre an L band decimeter user, this is probably good news for you. As an offshore user, my positioning efforts are always DYNAMIC. Refresh my memory please: RTK is for STATIC stop and go surveying?Or has RTK advanced to be valid for dynamic constant movement of measurement point situations?PPP I have used Starfix/Omnistar and CNav/Starfire with good results and have seen Veripos in operation. My experience with them is now several years old but as of the last usage my preference was the single small box of CNav with very stable results. I imagine that all 3 are now single box solutions. At the time I believe it was all 3 you could hire the level of accuracy you required centimeter vs sub meter. Also note that Land Use subscription was afford ably priced vs offshore use. Just to mention some items to consider when shopping. RTK is real time dynamic like Omnistar/Starfire except theres very little convergence time with RTKK and RTK is more accurate than real time PPP. Yes, all are single box solutions now, albeit likely draw more power with L Band and GPS combined.

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These days, most of us are more informed about driver safety and the importance of being protected from head to toe in any racing event. The ability of someone to emerge from a burning car virtually unscathed is a direct result of this recent increase in personal safety awareness. Of course, racing is inherently risky but the chance of injury can be reduced if you take the time to protect yourself properly. Personal safety is a system of the driver suit, accessories, and helmet. The hub of this system is the driver suit. There are many things that influence what kind of suit you get such as sanctioning body rules, track requirements, the type and speed of your car, etc. How do you put these factors together to ensure you buy the suit that is right for you?Some drivers look for a manufacturers name they know or trust. Other people may be new to the sport and not as familiar with the products available. No matter how much you already know or dont know about driver suits, you always have a standard that will guide you in your choice of a well made garment. That standard is the SFI Foundation Specification 3. 2A for Driver Suits.

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