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but as things progressed, there was a need for a change for the donation. The organizers were pleased to have us as a part of the event and I made sure my staff and I were there to support it the best way we could; with our donation and brief, but safe maintenance washes. Petersonthis guy eats more in a single sitting than 2 full grown menyou see those 2 burgers there?Thats not enough for him haha and meWe arrived and began setting up for some maintenance washes right away. The staff at The Ridges Resort and Marina were very helpful to us in getting set up and working with us while we stole the whole lower parking lot. This carried on for 2. 5 days. While we were not able to give cars the typical attention we give maintenance washes. We were able to safely clean the paint and wheel faces in short order. Enough to work on an incredible amount of cars over a few days. The washes were a great convenience for the attendees. My guys loved the experience because it was funand they were deep in OT for the whole event lol and I enjoyed stretching my onsite detailing legs that had not seen action for years.

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curfew because of a surge that has overwhelmed hospitals. The state is converting part of the citys civic center into a hospital. We are in a crisis stage, El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego, the countys top elected official, as he issued the stay at home order over the weekend. On Monday, the county reported a record high in daily cases, with 1,443, and 853 patients hospitalized because of the virus, up from 786 a day earlier. The state has provided over 900 medical personnel to El Paso, some of whom will staff the convention center site. Just last week, Trump during the last presidential debate downplayed the virus effect in the Lone Star State, saying: There was a very big spike in Texas, its now gone. Trump said repeatedly over the weekend that the country is rounding the turn. " His remarks came amid another outbreak in the White House inner circle. Several close aides to Vice President Mike Pence tested positive, including his chief of staff. In Idaho, where large numbers of residents resist wearing a mask, Republican Gov. Brad Little on Monday ordered a return to some restrictions to slow the spread of the virus as rising cases put a strain on the hospital system.

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It's great to use if you need a sterile environment for an injured snake. Cage Carpet Strongly resembling felt, it looks nicer than paper towels or newspaper. It comes in a variety of colors red, blue, green, black and can complement your snake's coloration. It's easy to see when snakes have defecated, but thoroughly cleaning it without removing it is practically impossible. It is not absorbant, so liquid and smaller waste products filter down through the astroturf and often lie on the bottom of the enclosure. The obvious presence of feces causes the owner to remove the cage carpet and clean the snake's enclosure more often than might occur using more natural substrates. The sheets are easily removed and replaced, so it's more convenient to have at least two pre cut sheets of astroturf for each cage. One replaces the other when it's being cleaned. After one sheet has been removed, it's easy to clean the remaining waste products from the bottom of the enclosure with a mild bleach solution. If it isn't precisely cut to fit the enclosure, garter snakes will get underneath it and disappear from view. This can be annoying.

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