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My parents would not have understood why I was having these fainting spells, nor would have many of that era. I cant blame them. The information we have nowadays is so prolific that we can understand better what a healthy environment should be like for a child to grow to be strong and confident, without living in a state of situational generalized hypervigilance. But, even as I raised my own children I did not know what I know now watching my young grandchildren. I made my own kind of mistakes, like most parents. Like those of us with fibromyalgia I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders, I had an intense belief in obligation to my family of origin as well as to my own children with a sense of duty that was unrealistic. I was always second guessing someones needs and would self reproach myself for the smallest negligence of what I considered my duty. Many women and men are like that. Many children develop this hypervigilance early in life. The cost of such high expectations of self is an overaroused nervous system which is never in a state of rest. So what is to be done to help tame this self imposed overly empathetic, sad and tender heart of people with fibromyalgia?Undoing a personality that developed early in life is not an easy task.

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Thank you very much for creating these great tools, George. The yoga lesson plan kit is of great value. It is informative, easy to follow and a must for student and qualified Yoga Teachers. Thank you George. I find the yoga lesson plan kit inspiring and so easy to follow. I that there are so many goodies more and more relevent and useful surprises keep coming.

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Throwing the color red around is helpful as well. Place two red paper lanterns on either side of the bed. These represent the positive yang influence and will help increase fertility. A single piece of hollow bamboo is useful as well. Once again focusing on the potential father put a dragon on his side of the bed to flame his passion and add potency to the union. These well placed items are a good way to encourage the flow of energy through the room. With the correct use of Feng Shui and fertility energies, a couple struggling with infertility can give themselves an edge in the conception process. The creation of a relaxing, loving home environment will improve the couples chance at starting a family of their own. I just started taking strontium and see that you can't take calcium supp near the same time. but. also shouldn't eat calcium in form of food either.

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