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Available at: . Wang, H. and Yeung, D. 2016. Towards Bayesian Deep Learning: A Framework and Some Existing Methods. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2812, pp. 3395 3408. 2018. E commerce Worldwide. Available at: . Advances in wearable computing are affecting both the consumer and business space.

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Now, taking a gap year does not necessarily mean that one goes for job, intern or anything that is related to academics. In the book, Gap Year Adventures, the writer Lucy York, mentions certain adventurous activities that can be done in the gap year duration. This book brings into light that Gap year is not only for academic/work related experience, there are also other fields where gap year can give a lifetimes experience. Just after completing the graduation taking a gap year means taking a time to go for new experience or to search or to do something different before moving over to the next level of study of ones academic career. Advantages and disadvantages of taking a Gap year posted on sep 18, 2008 . Caroline Gosney writes that during her last year of her school she missed her grads for a first choice university so she dropped a year out and retake the necessary modules to get the best grades and to reapply to finally head off to the desired university in the year 2006. An unplanned gap year by Caroline Gosney 2006 gap year. html. The university in Mumbai is slowly shifting its base from the US universities to the Australian universities for the Indian students who want to study abroad. Newly released statistics by Australian Universities that the enrolment of Indian students in their universities has increased by 38. 9% from last 2 years as on March 2009, WYSTC Blogs The gap year is now becoming more of a path that many western educational institutes favor and is also being looked upon as favorable by many employers Amodeo, 2002.

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16 Cool Things You Can Do With Google Glass. PCMag: ox Brewster, T. 2014, June 30. The Many Ways Google Glass Users Risk Breaking British Privacy Laws. Forbes | Security : audin, S. 2013, May 16. Google Glass ecosystem grows with Twitter, Facebook and CNN apps. Computerworld: facebook and cnn apps. htmlGray, P. 2013, May 14. The business value of Google Glass and wearable computing.

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Uneaten comestibles litter the sidewalks and gutters. A typical deposit of detritus outside an office building on Turk and Market includes an unopened one pound bag of California walnuts, a box of uneaten pastries, an empty brandy bottle, a huge black lace bra, a dirty yellow teddy bear, one high heeled red suede boot, and a brown suede jacket. A dapper man named Ralph has appointed himself the unofficial cleaner of the block where Glide Memorial Church sits. He has never seen anyone throw something in the trash, rather than toss it on the ground. Theyre not interested in doing anything for themselves, he says. The homeless are also wired. Most vagrants have smartphones, which they use to barter goods. They use free Wi Fi or steal passcodes. In the entrance to San Franciscos central library on Civic Center Plaza, a bent man with a bike repeatedly tries to plug his phone into an outlet while muttering incoherently. A sign announces that the outlet is not working. Two patrol guards politely try to direct him inside the library, but he wanders off, still muttering.

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