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The collective rights of the coastal back country people montubios are recognized to guarantee their process of integral, sustainable and durable human development, the policies and strategies for their progress and their forms of societal management, on the basis of knowledge about their reality and respect for their culture, identity, and own vision, in accordance with the law. Article 60. Ancestral, indigenous, Afro Ecuadorian and coastal back country montubios peoples can establish territorial districts for the preservation of their culture. The law shall regulate their establishment. Communities comunas that have collective land ownership are recognized as an ancestral form of territorial organization. Article 61.

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a. University of Puget Sound, Washington,Chinese Cultural Society Stockton/University of the Pacific , Jacoby Center for Community and Regional Studies 2008Oakland Asian Cultural Center Oakland, California,Driven Out Museum Exhibit opening and gallery lecture, gallery talk; exhibit January to May, 2008. Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, Bancroft Library History Roundtable, University of California, Berkeley, Washington DC Diversity Consortium, The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, 2007 @ Georgetown Day School University of Maryland; Women's Studies, Asian Studies, American Studies The Chinese Professional Club of Houston; The Rice University Chinese Alumni Association; The Univ. of Houston Asian Alumni Association; The Asian Chamber of Commerce; and Organization of Chinese Americans, and Rice University. Orinda California, Book Store Lecture and Signing Labor Film Fest, San Francisco University of California Santa Barbara Amherst College University of Washington University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CD San Diego State University University of California Davis University of California, Merced San Diego State University Golden Gate Law School Occidental College Martin Luther King Library, San Jose, CA American Studies Association : Muted Mutinies: Rebellions on Chinese Slave Ships Society for Utopian Studies Race Studies/Legal Studies/Utopian Studies Ethnic and Area Studies Lecture Series, University of Delaware, The Poetry of Angel Island Detention Center September 20Women's Studies Fall Lecture, University of Delaware, Driven Out: A Forgotten Tale of Chinese American Women September 27 Department of History Series, University of Delaware, October 30No Longer Buried Alive: The Rebellious Subjectivity of Chinese Americans in the Late Nineteenth Century for panel Mining the Archives, Unearthing Ethnic Histories in the United States The Society for Multi Ethnic Studies, International Conference, Pamplona, Spain, 2006Purging the Body Politic City University of New York, 2006 Invited Speaker Peaceably If We Can, Forcibly If We Must Chinese American Studies/Chinese Historical Association, Under the Banyan Tree, 2005. "Chinese Resistance to Violence and Vigilantes in the Nineteenth Century: Re Writing the Letter of the Law British Association for American Studies Conference, Cambridge University, 2005The Overseas Chinese in California: Roundups and Resistance Xi'an University, China, 2004 Invited speaker and Visiting Faculty, November December 2004 9/11 from 11/4: The American Political System and The Presidential Election of 2004" Xi'an University, China, 2004 Invited speaker Beyond the Trail of Tears: Ethnic Cleansing in California Invited Plenary Speaker, American Studies Association, 2004Public History: A Documentary of Dispersion and Dissent Re thinking Asian American History Consortium Invited Speaker, Smithsonian Museum of American History, 2004"Chinese Resistance to Violence and Vigilantes in the Nineteenth Century: Re writing the Letter of the Law" American Studies Association, 2003 Events: Written Voices 5/24 15 minute podcast MSNBC 6/20 30 minute audio recording Chinatown Connections eviews and Features: HNN Second most popular history related Web site online.

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Still, there was some good news for those who enjoy their Xbox games on a titchy Android screen. Microsoft announced that the preview of its Project xCloud gaming service is spreading to another 11 countries in Western Europe for a limited number of customers at first. The technology allows gamers to play console games on an Android phone or tablet, streamed from Microsoft's data centres. While the company acknowledged the strain people staying at home were putting on regional networks, it would "continue to evaluate the COVID 19 situation" and expand the service. Instruction is devoted to offering UH instructors the latest in educational technology and instructional design thinking and showcases much of the fine work of the UH faculty in these areas. We have also put together quick tutorials to help you get started with the supported tools we have on campus. We welcome you to read, share your thoughts, share with your colleagues, and most importantly share what you learn with your students. Enjoy!Blackboard is an academic and community based content management, collaboration, facilitation, and distribution platform. Its primarily used as a communication tool and as an access point for resources for student learning. To get started, please see Blackboard for Instructors: Where Do I Start?The instructions refer to several different views. Currently at Drake we use the Original Course View.

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