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A ton of relationships have ran their path, changed track, evolved into something uncertain. Our choices will continue to create new lanes and we can keep running or jogging, leaping or flipping, turning back or shooting forward. Dont harness all your self hatred and low self esteem until you break. Relax. As someone who is in the mental health field, I have been trying to figure out how I want to address this topic. Risks of suicide and mental illness have been at an all time high and it is important that those with stories speak out about how they feel. We dont need to understand them or to immediately accept them or to care about them. We all need to know there is such a thing as taking a mental health day for true self care. Its important. As I have mentioned, my self care is laughing. Another person might be to take some time and have an aroma scented, candle lit bubble bath.

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Would you like to write for us?Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk. Almost every instant, we encounter them; in counting, measuring, judging, analyzing, and in many other things we do daily, we are dealing with numbers. They are with us throughout life. Some repeat; some, we never meet. Frequently coming across the same number or a particular numeric pattern is only a coincidence, you may think. But there are others who believe that numbers carry a hidden meaning. In the following sections of this Mysticurious article, we will look at the meaning that seven carries. We will find where and how it features in science, history, and other fields, and go through some fun and interesting facts about the number 7. One of the most interesting facts about the number seven is its correlation with the cognitive abilities of human beings. The limits of human cognitive capacity lie within the range of 7 plus or a minus 2.

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The French "Center of Studies on the Shroud of Turin" CIELT will hold its Third International Scientific Symposium in Nice, France on the 12th and 13th of May, 1997. The Symposium will be held at the Hotel Westminster, 27, Promenade des Anglais, 06000 Nice, France, Telephone: 33 04 93 88 29 44, Fax: 33 04 93 82 45 35. The scientific speakers will make their presentations on May 12th while the history and art history scholars will present their papers on May 13th. A one day bus tour of Turin is scheduled on the 14th. Registration for the Symposium is 600FF per person. The bus tour is 300FF per person.

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Pokmania has been running wild as of late thanks to the Pokmon anime marathon Twitch recently started running, but unfortunately with it has come a resurgence of one of my least favorite sentiments in existence: The only good Pokmon were the first ones. This is wrong for, lets say, around 656 different reasons. EveryPokmon generation is good. There have been lamePokmon designs since the very beginning, and a lot of this championing of the first generation stems from the fact that a lot of people only played Red and Blue. I could go on and on and write a whole big teardown article on Generation 1, the people who worship it, Game Freaks increasingly big nostalgia plays towards them, the lazy designs of some of the original 151But thats not what Im here to do!You can go on any stupid dipshits web zone and find some CinemaSins esque garbage about why the thing you like actually sucks. Im so over that bullshit. I refuse to feed any more needless negativity into the all consuming black hole that is the Internet. This is my web zone, and Im the dipshit thats going to round up all my favorite Pocket Monsters from every generation of Pokmon and start a series where I write a little about all of them here, for you, in Pokdex order, featuring their original art. These are Pokmon that, if this were one of my reviews, I would give 4 or 5 stars to meaning they are either Good or Real Good. These are The Best Babies. Look at this happy little dino lizard!Hes bald, his tail is on fire, and hes ready to have a good time.

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