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Q. Khan's uranium enrichment plant but also for a parallel program to acquire plutoniumthe alternative material for a fission bombwhich was led by Munir Ahmed Khan, at the head of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Over the course of the 1990s Hibbs dug through the evidence, forming hypotheses in his mind and asking increasingly precise questions of obscure specialists who knew of him but did not necessarily know what he was after. I asked him to take me inside his investigative process. He said, "There was a German company that was exporting a certain device to Pakistan that in the worst case could have been for the nuclear weapons program. All the surface evidence suggested that no, this was the case of a scientist who went to Pakistan and sold some equipment to an innocuous research institutionand that was the end of it. That was the official explanation in Germany. But then I looked at it, and looked at it again from a couple of different points of view, and there was a very small chance that the equipment could have been used for removing tritium, a gas that comes into play in nuclear weapons. I wondered, 'Could you use the equipment for that?I mean, it's pretty far fetched, but is it possible?' After a while I realized you could use it for that. Then I wondered, 'Is there anything else he did that indicated he had the know how?' I started talking to people, and just kept asking one question after another. I was operating in a vacuum, and people in the nuclear laboratories in the U.

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In the end, all learning is self learning. You cant teach someone something they dont want to learn. I agree with the notion of building curiosity and inquiry skills, and agree that constructivist techniques have a place in the classroom just like a hammer has a place in the toolbox. But the hammer isnt the only tool. Im not going to cut off a branch with it. Ed schools are pushing constructivism so hard it makes it appear its the only tool for teachers. They are told its totally proven and the only way to go. Thats totally false. We keep hearing from people that students have different ways they learn yet its one pedagogy being shoved down everyones throats. Tyler, are you sure thats the right study you wanted to reference?Were you trying to show that it supports constructivism or something else?The abstract itself concludes with The findings suggest that unassisted discovery does not benefit learners, whereas feedback, worked examples, scaffolding, and elicited explanations do. IE.

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