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You might be surprised to learn what makes someone an A Player in sales according to this video. The best part of a career in sales is that it is undefined, according to Ann Devine in a recent article on The Black Collegian Online. Ann Devine, Is a Career in Sales Right for You? The Black Collegian, accessed August 19, 2009. Every day is completely different; some days you will be researching leads, and other days you might be making a presentation to a prospective customer. This exciting, unstructured, and sometimes unpredictable environment rarely gets boring. But its this lack of structure that can present a challenge in choosing priorities and accomplishing goals. Those who are successful realize how to manage themselves and their time and use the resources that are available to them from their company, their colleagues, and their community. You might be wondering what managing yourself means. When you are in sales, one of the most important jobs you have is being sure that you have clear direction about what you want to accomplish and what you need to do to get there. Even though you are used to managing yourself and your time at school, it can be a daunting task to be responsible for calling on customers and generating sales, especially if you are based in a location remote from the company office such as your home office. So first things firstidentify your resources.

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There were street sleeping pros, homeless and crusty punks, wrapped up in tarps, a few people on air mattresses with fluffy pillows. I didnt actually sleep. I paced among the tarp covered bodies, sat on the steps, browsed the library, drank coffee from the food trucks open 24/7. The second night, after beers with LaGreca and a few other occupiers, I followed his friend Austin, a college dropout a casualty of his student loans who works with autistic children, to the Comfort Station for some bedding of my own. Well set you up on the margins, said Austin. That way you can get out if you need to.

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Students are encouraged to look for room changes on their Compass schedules. These changes are effective as of the start of Term 4. 2. Lockers have been moved over the holidays to facilitate the building upgrades. All lockers in the C block locker areas have been relocated to the cubbies end of the college and alongside the B block external walls. Students will be informed this week of their locker relocation but are advised to come prepared to school on October 12 prepared to locate their new locker position. COVID 19 Practices for the Return to school1. Stay home if unwell. This remains the greatest preventative measure against the risk of transmission of COVID 19. 2. Face Coverings must be worn at all times, including both to and from school.

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