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In ICETC 2010: 2010 2nd International Conference on Education Technology and Computer Vol. 2, pp. 241 245. Retrieved from the IEEE Xplore digital library website: owell, S. L. , Saba, F. , Lindsay, N. K. , and William, P. B. 2004.

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He believes these abilities are internally linked to our genetics just as our visual systems, muscular systems and all other biological systems. During an interview with Michel Foucault, Chomsky 1971 states: "If this hypothetical Martian were then to observe that every normal human child immediately carries out this creative act and they all do it in the same way and without any difficulty, where as it takes centuries of genius to slowly carry out the creative act of going from evidence to a scientific theory, then this Martian would, if he were rational, conclude that the structure of the knowledge that is acquired in the case of language is basically internal to the human mind. " 11 The root of this concept purposes that, if a human is genetically sound, he or she will be able to develop these abilities regardless of other circumstances, such as, where they were born, or who they were born to. This is the naturalistic and innateness of our nature that will allow a human to obtain and use capacities such as thinking, reasoning and communication. In addition to his naturalistic view of humans and their abilities to think and communicate, He also believes there is universality to these traits, especially with regards to morality, that can be found across different cultures. Chomsky 1998 supports this idea with the fact, that people of different cultures can, and do, find common ground on which to have discussions as he states in an interview with Kate Soper:. "We can begin to see human nature in terms of certain capacities to develop certain mental traits. I think we can go further than this and begin to discover universal aspects of these traits which are determined by human nature. I think we can find this in the area of morality. For example, not long ago I talked to people in the Amazon tribes and I took for granted that they have the same conception of vice and virtue as I do. It is only through sharing these values that we were able to interacttalk about real problems such as being forced out of the jungle by the state authorities.

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Dhanavalli Semantic Intention and Semantic Relation in Children withIntellectual Disability and Hearing Impairment Masters Dissertation . Nithina Alice Boban and Satish KumaraswamyParadigms of Marginality in Literature Exploring the Nuances . Prof. Dr. S. Chelliah, M. A. , M. Phil. , Ph. D.

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