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This stipulation is not ours but has come as a strong mandate from both the insurance companies and legal counsel we sought. You would not be protected as an organization if you chose this defense. Who do we believe?The development, preparation and publication of our recommendations have been undertaken with great care and been well researched. We have had numerous conversations with employment labour lawyers, criminal lawyers, insurance companies and the RCMP in Ottawa. Your responsibility is to screen your volunteers and staff. However, we recommend that for your protection that you retain the documentation so that you can demonstrate in a court of law that you did screen your volunteers and staff and that the criminal record check came back clear.

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com/Business Intelligence Resources. Zillman, M. S. , A. M. H. 1996. Displacing the native speaker: Expertise, affiliation, and inheritance. In T. Hedge and N. Whitney Eds.

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28 The support of non religious groups, such as the Labor Council and American Federation of Labor broadened the opposition to the initiative to include civil, as well as religious, liberties. That so many different groups in Washington opposed this initiative is vital to the fact that it did not pass. Not only were different religious groups, both Catholic and Protestant, coming together in opposition to the bill, but there was also a strong voice from other groups that had no religious affiliation. Along with the labor and newspaper groups opposing the initiative, the large cities of Spokane, in eastern Washington, and Tacoma, in western Washington, took stands opposing the measure. Reported the Catholic Northwest Progress in June of 1924, Spokane Citizens are organized to fight Ku Klux Klan Bill. Two thousand workers volunteerwithdrawals come in rapidly. 29 A month later, the paper reported that the people of Tacoma also rallied together in support of the fight against Initiative 49. 30 These are just a few of the main indicators of widespread opposition to the bill before it was voted on in November. The only real backer of Initiative 49 in Washington was the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan argued that public schools and public education were the nurseries of democracy, and children in private schools were learning to place loyalty to foreign institutions above loyalty to the United States. Further, they argued that parochial school instruction was harmful to children, and that the schools have failed to keep step with the progress of society in Spain, France, Italy, South America, Mexico, and in the United States.

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It will not be a surprise if Nanda Malini sings about the Damila Buddhayo of the past and the future but can his dream materialize?Of course, miracles do happen; Martin Luther King Junior's dream came true so let us have some hope. The Buddhism practiced in Sri Lanka, better known as Sinhala Buddhism or Mahavamsa Buddhism is different from the Theravada Buddhism practiced in other countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and so on. The Buddhists in these countries follow only the Buddhist scriptures Tripitaka Viniya, Sutta, Abhidhamma, whereas in Sri Lanka the 'Mahavamsa,' which was written by one of the Mahavihara monks Ven. Mahanama more than 1000 years after the passing away of Lord Buddha is also considered as a part of the Buddhist scriptures, although it deals mostly with mythical or supernatural Buddhist history, some episodes of which are copied from the 'Mahabaratha' and 'Ramayana. ' Since the Buddhist scriptures Tripitaka and the mythical Buddhist history Mahavamsa were both written in the Pali language, a Buddhist layperson who does not understand Pali cannot understand the difference between the two and, therefore, he/she believes everything that the Buddhist monks preach, to be the true words of Buddha. Due to ignorance, even the present day Sinhala Buddhists still believe that they are blood relatives of Buddha because, according to the Mahavamsa, their forefather Pandu Vasudeva belongs to the Sakya clan, and is a relative of the Buddha where as the historians believe that the term Pandu' in Pali means Pandyans. According to Buddhism, a person ordained as a Bikkhu should practice Ahimsa non violence, Karuna compassion, Metta affection, and Maithriya loving kindness towards fellow humans, irrespective of race or religion, not only by words but also in his thoughts and action. Unfortunately in Sri Lanka, due to the influence of the Mahavamsa, a Buddhist Bikkhu is at liberty to engage in racist politics and promote Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism and hatred, as we see today. There was NO Buddhism in Sri Lanka until Emperor Asoka's missionary monks led by Mahinda converted the Hindu Siva worshipping Naga King Tissa into a Buddhist in the 2nd century BC. Similarly, there was NO Sinhala race/tribe in Sri Lanka until the Mahavihara monks created it in the 5th century AD. When Hindu/Brahmanical influence posed a serious challenge to Buddhism and when Buddhism started to lose popular support and the patronage from the rulers, the Buddhist institutions in India came under attack.

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